We haz apron now: FreeSewing 2.10 brings you Albert, a humble apron pattern [Nicht übersetzt]

17. Oktober 2020
Keep those home-made clothes clean while cooking with the Albert apron

What do you do if your daughter needed an apron for school?

  • Would you run out to the store and buy one?
  • Would you fire up your sewing machine and make one?
  • Would you say to yourself hmm, better make a pattern first and then share your FreeSewing pattern so that now everybody can have an apron?

Because that's what Wouter did, so we wrapped it into FreeSewing v2.10, and voila.

Wouter's daughter wearing the Albert apron

written byJoost De Cock

Joost is FreeSewing's maintainer. As an introvert, he enjoys making clothes and shoes since you don't have to leave the house to do so 🙈

You can follow him as j__st on Twitter or joostdecock on Github.