FreeSewing is an open source platform for made-to-measure sewing patterns. Our aim is to become the WikiPedia of sewing patterns.

We are not interested in fashion, trends, or publishing the hot new pattern of the season. Instead, we want to empower makers by distilling the knowledge of the sewing community into patterns and documentation, and make that information globally available.

On the surface, might seem like just another website with sewing patterns. But there’s a lot more going on.

FreeSewing is an open source project

All of our code, including our sewing patterns, is freely available on GitHub.

There is no company behind FreeSewing. This is possible due to the hard work of our contributors, and the financial support of our patrons.

FreeSewing provides made-to-measure sewing patterns

All of our sewing patterns are made-to-measure. We don’t scale or grade patterns. Instead, we draft the pattern to your measurements. That happens in real-time, in your browser.

FreeSewing is a platform

A platform is something on which you build things, and that’s what we’d like to see.

You might be here for our patterns, but we also provid the tools and documentation for designers to add their own patterns. Please refer to for all details.