I — Joost De Cock, maintainer of the FreeSewing project — hereby pledge that all FreeSewing revenue will be donated to Doctors Without Borders (MSF).

Why we’re doing this

Noblesse oblige

Sie gehen wahrscheinlich davon aus, dass wir Geld bitten, um die Server zu betreiben. But that’s not exactly true.

I don’t know if you’re familiar with the phrase noblesse oblige but it essentially means that privilege entails responsibility.

Ich bin privilegiert, und damit habe ich Verantwortung. Ich habe das große Glück, in Westeuropa geboren zu sein, einen guten Job und ein Dach über dem Kopf zu haben.

Könnte ich das Geld gebrauchen? Ja, ich könnte es. Brauche ich das Geld? No I don’t.

Der Wert Ihrer Unterstützung

The main risk to FreeSewing is the same as any open source project out there: maintainer burnout.

While I no longer carry FreeSewing alone — and I can’t overstate the value of the work of all contributors — that doesn’t make me immune to feelings of Why the hell am I doing this?

Wenn Menschen Gönner werden (oder spenden), geben sie mehr als nur Geld. Für mich ist der Hauptwert die Botschaft, die sie mir und anderen Menschen, die daran arbeiten, vermitteln. And that message is: Hey, you’re doing a worthwhile thing. Macht weiter mit der guten Arbeit.

Der Wert Ihres Geldes

It is not just about the money. But that doesn’t mean the money is not important. Ganz im Gegenteil.

Geld zu sammeln, indem ich etwas tue, das ich liebe, und es dann an die Wohltätigkeitsorganisation weiterzugeben, erlaubt es mir, nachts zu schlafen.

Ich könnte freiwillig in einer Suppenküche arbeiten oder unterprivilegierten Kindern das Nähen beibringen. But instead I’m working on FreeSewing.

Which is why all the money raised through FreeSewing goes to charity. So macht dieses Projekt nicht nur Spaß, sondern auch sozial verantwortlich. And I need that to convince myself that yes, it’s ok to spend all my time doing this, because at the end of the year, I get to write a check to people who need it so much more.

Gemeinnützigkeit ist nicht sexy

Here’s the tricky part: People give less once they know the money goes to charity in the end. I wish it wasn’t the case, but it is.

So we’re presenting our subscription options like you would see on a for-profit site. It seems more intuitive this way, and also just works better.

Yes, everything is free, and the money doesn’t actually go to paying the server bills (because I choose to pay them out of my pocket for reasons outlined above). But that doesn’t mean that these contributions are not crucial to the well-being of the project, or at the very least its maintainer (that would be me).

What charity does the money go to?

There’s a lot of misery in the world. As I watch the news, I often feel my faith in humanity slipping.

Some of the most vulnerable people on this planet seem largely abandoned by rich countries and supra-national organisations.

Yet somehow, in some of those worst places to be a human being, there is still a banner flying that provides hope, and help. It’s not the flag of the United Nations, nor is it the star spangled banner, or the blue and gold of the European Union.

The one thing that reminds me that humanity has not completely forsaken these people is to see the banner of Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders fly, precariously, among the rubble of their bombed hospitals.

I can’t think of a single symbol that reminds us that not everything is lost, and there’s still good people out there. I can’t think of a single organisation more deserving of our support.

So I am happy to make this pledge.

In practice, all revenue received in the previous 12 months will be transfered to MSF once per year, on the 10th of December.

If you’d like to support FreeSewing, you can subscribe here