Schnittmuster für nicht-durchschnittliche Menschen*
* Average people don't exist


Drafted to your measurements

All our patterns are made-to-measure. Not just graded up or down, but actually drafted to your exact specifications, just as you would on paper.

Packed with options plus live preview

FreeSewing patterns come with options that allow you to customize different aspects of the pattern. Our live preview means no surprises: what you see is what you get.

Recipes you can share and adapt

FreeSewing uses a recipe to capture how you configure your pattern. You can share these recipes with others so they can get the same look, drafted to their measurements.

Unterstützung freesewing

FreeSewing is fuelled by a voluntary subscription model

If you think what we do is worthwhile, and if you can spare a few coins each month without hardship, you too should become a patron of FreeSewing.



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Unsere am teuersten abgestufte Kategorie. Es kann weniger sein als der Preis einer Latte, aber Ihre Unterstützung bedeutet uns sehr viel.

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Abonnieren Sie diese Stufe, und wir senden Ihnen einige unserer begehrten, freischneidenden Beute in die Welt.

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Wenn Sie uns nicht nur unterstützen möchten, sondern sich das Gedeihen von Freierwäschen ansehen wollen, ist dies die Stufe für Sie. Außerdem: extra Beute!

Looking for our code?

Our developer documentation is hosted on You'll find links to all our repositories there, as well as in-depth documentation, tutorials, and examples.

Want to help out?

Awesome ❤️
Our contributor documentation is a good starting point. We also have dedicated guides for translators and editors.